just to let you all know that i will be working on a new untitled short this week, so if anyone wants to chat about it im always around,

our new movie slap or die will be released soon, the feature can be ordered from my official site or the company site www.enigmar.co.uk

hope all is well and remember to take a look at my trailers,

Have GREAT day and thanks for the support


ill be shooting a new short today and further updates on the east london story

Adding Films to newgrounds,

2007-10-26 19:38:17 by bbay

Im posting alot of film shorts on the site to give everyone a viewing of what im foing creativly, im really not good at working with flash so i thought that this may be the best way to incorperate my ideas into the site.. the first being my debute which was this short beer job, i own all rights and coprights to this media so enjoy!!

Adding Films to newgrounds,